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The Macroecology Lab is a space for scientific research in theoretical ecology, biogeography and paleobiology. We simulate ecological and evolutionary processes at large spatial and temporal scales to understand patterns of biodiversity over time and space.


Geographical ecology: investigates ecological patterns and processes at large spatial and temporal scales to understand the origin and what maintain the current biodiversity.

Evolutionary Macroecology: Investigates evolutionary patterns at large spatial and temporal scales and the effects of extinction and speciation on biodiversity.

Conservation biogeography: intends to assess the impact of global climate change and land use on biodiversity, and the effect of these anthropogenic changes on the risk of species extinction on large temporal and spatial scales.

Theoretical ecology: aims analyze and synthetize ecological evidences on ecological processes, with special emphasis on the theoretical and methodological development of niche theory, including its operationalization (e.g., ecological niche models).

Quem somos
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Matheus de Souza Lima-Ribeiro (UFJ)  LattesORCIDResearcher ID

Levi Carina Terribile (UFJ) LattesORCIDResearcher ID



Ana Paula Borges (Mestranda PPGBio)

Cleiberson dos Santos Paulino (IC-UFJ)

Cleiton Costa Santos (Doutorando EcoEvol – UFG)

Denise Carolina Pfingstag (Mestranda PPGBio)

Edson Silva Ribeiro (Mestrando PPGBio)

Flavia de Figueiredo Machado (Pós-Doc FAPEG)

Frederico Augusto Martins Valtuille Faleiro (Pós-Doc – INCT)

Gabrielly Balduino Martins (IC-UFJ)

Jacqueline Freitas Oliveira (Mestranda EcoEvol- UFG)

João Victor Cabral de Andrade (IC-UFJ)

Larine Namiala Arruda Fernandes (IC-UFJ)

Luana Ferreira Casanga (IC-UFJ)

Luana Silva Flores (IC-UFJ)

Maria Lua Vinhaes (Mestranda EcoEvol – UFG)

Mateus Atadeu Moreira (Doutorando EcoEvol – UFG)

Roniel Freitas Oliveira (Doutorando EcoEvol – UFG)

Welliton Santos Paiva (Mestrando EcoEvol- UFG)


Alessandro Ribeiro de Morais – Instituto Federal Goiano

Andrew Townsend Peterson – University of Kansas

Guilherme Oliveira – Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

José Alexandre Felizola Diniz-Filho – Universidade Federal de Goiás

Maria Lucia Lorini – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Mariana Vale – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Marinez Siqueira – Jardim Botânico do Rio de janeiro

Nelson Jorge da Silva Jr. – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás

Ricardo Dobrovolski – Universidade Federal da Bahia

Wellington Hannibal – Universidade Estadual de Goiás

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How are niche models evaluated? A new conceptual approach to estimate reliability.

Matheus de Souza Lima-Ribeiro

2020 - Atual | CNPq

What will happen to ecosystem services under future scenarios of global climate change? Evaluating the plant-pollinator-disperser interaction network in the Cerrado biome at the end of the 21st century.

Matheus de Souza Lima-Ribeiro

2018 - Atual | CNPq

Climate, human and the old debate over late Quaternary extinctions: a new proposal of assessment based on ecological mechanisms rather than in patterns.

Matheus de Souza Lima-Ribeiro

2017 | CNPq


Ecological Niche Modeling and Climate Change.

Levi Carina Terribile /UFJ/ Instituto Nacional de Ciência & Tecnologia (INCT) em Ecologia, Evolução e Conservação da Biodiversidade (EECBIO).

2016 - Atual | FAPEG, CNPq


Impact of climate change and conservation of endangered and data deficient species of fauna and flora in the Cerrado.

Levi Carina Terribile / UFJ

2017 - Atual | FAPEG


Evolutionary rescue in climate change scenarios for Neotropical snakes.

Levi Carina Terribile / UFJ

2021 - Atual


ecoClimate – a database of pre-process climatic layers from the PMIP3 – CMIP5 projects for macroecologists and biogeographers.

Matheus de Souza Lima-Ribeiro

Levi Carina Terribile




Application of niche models to define areas of climate stability and biodiversity conservation.

Levi Carina Terribile / UFJ

2018 - 2021 | FAPEG, CNPq

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+55 (64) 3606 8293


Block 4

Federal University of Jataí Cidade Universitária, BR 364, km 193 N. 3800

CEP: 75801-615

Jataí, GO, Brazil

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